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Picture of Razi Alawamleh

Razi Alawamleh

Full Stack Developer and Business Analyst

I'm a Full Stack Developer and Business Analyst from Atlanta. My work's a cool blend of creativity and analysis, where I get to build things and solve problems. I thrive on the challenge of piecing together the big picture while keeping an eye on the nitty-gritty details. My tech journey? It started with me as a kid, messing around with an IBM PC. Fast-forward to now, and I'm still hooked by that feeling of making a change, hitting 'Enter' and seeing my ideas come to life on screen. That tinkering spirit led me down a path where coding and business smarts meet.

What really drives me is problem-solving. I'm always thinking about how a user would interact with my work – what they'd feel, how they'd navigate it. It's about creating experiences that make sense and feel good.

Art plays a big role in my approach. I'm inspired by the way colors and textures come together, creating a flow that's both pleasing and functional. It's not just about making things work; it's about crafting them with an artist's touch.

I pride myself on my ability to anticipate needs and juggle both the macro and micro aspects of any project. At work, I'm all about dedication and understanding every layer of what I'm working on. As a relaxed, curious, empathetic, and sympathetic person, I bring a unique perspective to the table.

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